Today ends prohabition in Virginia. This fight has been going on for 84 years. Today I wish everyone to be safe, and mindful of your surroundings, we got this now. DO NOT FUCK THIS UP.

Here’s what you need to know.. via Virginia Norml

What will be legal July 1, 2021?

✓ Possession by adults 21+ of up to one ounce in public
✓ Personal cultivation of up to 4 plants per household by adults 21+ at their primary residence
✓ Adult-sharing of up to one ounce in private without remuneration

What will NOT be legal July 1, 2021?

X Public consumption
X Possession or consumption by anyone under 21
X Possession on school grounds or school bus
X Consumption in a motor vehicle while being driven (passenger or driver)
X Open container in a vehicle
X Sharing or offering in public
X Selling or purchasing cannabis, including seeds or products
X Gifting schemes

As far as medical users goes..

2021 Legislative Changes

The 2021 General Assembly session resulted in several changes to the pharmaceutical processor program.  Of most interest to patients registered for medical cannabis products are changes made as a result of HB1988 and SB 1333.  You may find information on both of these bills here:  

Botanical Cannabis

Botanical cannabis will become available for dispensing from a pharmaceutical processor dispensary or a cannabis dispensing facility to a patient that maintains a valid written certification for the use of medical cannabis and registration with the Board of Pharmacy (BOP). Regulations are currently being developed to support this allowance and are expected to be implemented by September, 2021.  Botanical cannabis may be dispensed once the regulations are in place and products are available. No more than four ounces of botanical cannabis shall be dispensed for each 30-day period. Any dispensed botanical cannabis is calculated into the total 90-day supply of medical cannabis products that may be obtained. You do not need a new or different registration card to obtain botanical cannabis. 

Written Certifications

As a reminder, written certifications are valid for no more than 12 months from the date of issuance. If your written certification has, or is about to expire, contact a registered practitioner for information on how to obtain a new written certification. Failing to maintain a valid written certification is non-compliant with board regulation and will jeopardize your ability to obtain medical cannabis products from a dispensary. The renewed written certification does not need to be submitted to the Board but must be presented to the pharmaceutical processor when obtaining medical cannabis products.

Pharmaceutical Processors

Currently, there are 4 permitted pharmaceutical processors. All four processor dispensaries are open for dispensing medical cannabis products to registered patients. These pharmaceutical processors are: Dharma Pharmaceuticals, LLC, Abingdon; Columbia Care Eastern Virginia, LLC, Portsmouth, Dalitso, LLC, Manassas and Green Leaf Medical of Virginia, Inc., Richmond.